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Teeth cleaning is not a permanent treatment and the effect won’t last forever. Hence, after the teeth cleaning procedure is done one has to maintain their oral hygiene by following proper brushing techniques and day to day habits. Here are some simple tips that you can follow at home to maintain that sparkling smile!

  • Brush twice daily (once in morning and night)

  • Use soft or ultra/soft bristles (medium and hard bristles will be recommended by your dentist if it is necessary)

  • Avoid using herbal or gel-based toothpastes (they do not have enough fluoride in them and has lot of abrasive particles)

  • Change your toothbrush once in 2-3 months (or when you see the bristles fray away)

  • Brush for at least 2-3 minutes (the most common brushing technique recommended by the dentists is the BASS technique)

  • Avoid using over-the-counter mouthwash unless it is recommended by your dentist (instead use salt water gargle since it’s a natural disinfectant)

  • Depending on how your teeth is arranged you can use floss daily or twice a week (wax coated flosses are more comfortable)

  • Limit consumption of soft-drinks/lime soda (if you do consume, rinse your mouth with water thoroughly by consumption)

  • Maintain regular dental visit (this can be anywhere between once or twice a year depending on how you maintain your oral hygiene)

Teeth cleaning is one of the simplest and the basic procedure that you can get done to maintain your oral hygiene in the healthiest way possible. At Zen Dental we follow-up this procedure by doing a thorough polishing and fluoride application to protect your pearly-whites!!

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