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When we think of perfect or a good looking smile we always look for white, pearly and beautiful broad smile-but actually it is all about how well your teeth are arranged or aligned. Your upper and lower teeth should be well coordinated with each other in order to establish a harmonious relationship between your teeth, jaws and your face.

In this blog we are going to discuss about the most common type of orthodontic issue that is crossbite.

First of all, what is Crossbite?

It is when you close your mouth, your upper teeth will be placed inside or backside of your lower teeth. This may be in relation to your front and/or back teeth too.

Effects of cross bite:

  1. Loosening of teeth

  2. Tooth decay

  3. Inflamed and receding gums

  4. Wearing away of outer layer of teeth

  5. Long term headaches and migraines

  6. Shifting of jaw on one side or facial asymmetry.

  7. Temporomandibular joint issues

Signs of cross bite:

  1. Speech problems

  2. Strain on facial muscles and muscle pain

  3. Difficulty in swallowing

  4. Pain in jaw

  5. Unconsciously biting on the inner side of cheeks

  6. Sensitivity or pain in teeth

  7. Asymmetrical face.

Treatment of crossbite:

Crossbite can be corrected using Removable orthodontic appliances, braces treatment or surgical treatment. Treatment plan may vary depending upon the age of the patient and severity of the crossbite.

So if we identify crossbite at very young age when the jaws are developing we can use:

  1. Removable Palatal expanders

This will expand the upper jaw.which also reduces the crowding of teeth and helps to achieve alignment of teeth.

  1. Facemask or Reverse pull headgear

This can be worn outside the mouth which generates forces on the jaws. It pulls the upper jaw forward and allows lower jaw to align accordingly.

And in case of adults, different treatment options are there such as

  1. Braces

  2. Using Fixed appliances for expansion of upper jaw (Fixed palatal expanders)

  3. Correction with the use of aligners

  4. Surgical procedure (in case of severe crossbite)

Crossbite is a common dental condition which if not treated at the right time can lead to many complications. Various successful treatment options are there with which we can treat crossbite at any age. So for better diagnosis and for proper treatment plan make an appointment with your Orthodontist.

At Zen Dental, we have our in-house Orthodontist, Dr. Anitha Alageshan who is available at both our braches in Koramangala and Sarjapur. For appointments, call at 9108918009.


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