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Tooth loss is more than a cosmetic problem-it can cause impact on everything from food you eat to the health of your jaws.

There are many options available to replace your missing teeth such as implants, bridges and dentures. But still some people choose not to replace the missing teeth.

Here are some consequences of tooth loss:

  1. Difficulty in eating:

Most affected part of your life because of missing teeth is your diet. Because of missing teeth you have to swallow food without fully chewing it or completely avoid consuming crunchy, chewy or firm food items. And this leads to digestive issues and poor nutrition.

  1. Difficulty in speaking:

Missing teeth can also affect the way you speak. People with missing teeth may not be able to pronounce certain words properly or lisping may be present. And it can affect your social interactions.

  1. Unnecessary movement of the opposing teeth:

If you don’t replace your missing tooh, the opposite tooth may start to grow out more because it no longer has the opposing tooth to resist the growth of it. This can lead to problems of the opposing tooth also as they tend to lose gum support over the years.

  1. The arrangement of your teeth and bite:

Alignment of your teeth is very important. Missing teeth eventually change the way you bite because of movement of the adjacent and opposing teeth into the gap.

  1. Bone loss:

The area where you have lost your teeth can cause bone shrinkage/loss. By replacing your missing teeth, you can balance your bite and prevent bone loss too.

  1. Changes in your smile and face:

The way you feel about your smile is very important. As a result of missing teeth, your chin and lips can look recessed with your cheeks sunken in. This can make you look aged.

Want to know which is the best way to replace your missing teeth? Book an appointment with us to know the options. Call us at 9108918009.


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